The Ziegler & Brown Grill Series

Portable Gas BBQ Grills

For portable BBQ grills you can count on, make sure you choose Ziegler & Brown, brought to you by Masport. Our handy grills are compact, easy to carry and great to use.

Whether you’re camping, picnicking or simply dealing with limited space at home, these portable grills are a clever way to enjoy a delicious meal.

The Grill Series range of barbeques provide super quality, powerful and portable grilling. The compact and easy to carry grill is perfect when cooking outdoors where space is limited. Despite the compact size, the cleverly designed high dome roasting hood has a capacity for big roasts.

Convenient Grilling Solutions

When you’re heading out into the world, relying on finding a permanent barbeque at your destination can be risky. So why not take your own and enjoy the freedom that comes with a portable barbeque grill?

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